All music/lyrics by Marcus Goldhaber
(*) music by Marcus Goldhaber & Jon Davis

Jon Davis, piano & B3 Hammond Organ
Martin Wind, bass
Marcello Pellitteri, drums
John Hart, acoustic & electric guitar
Joel Frahm, tenor & soprano sax
Erik Friedlander, cello
Lauren Kinhan, voice
Joe Magnarelli, trumpet
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"Almost Love" - Lyrics

  • Love Me Tonight

    • Love me, just love me tonight,
      hold me, just hold me tonight.
      Tomorrow, you can always yell and scream if you want,
      tomorrow, you can always leave if that's what you want,
      but stay here, just lay here tonight.

      Touch me, please touch me tonight,
      and let me caress you just right.
      Tomorrow, you can always say whatever you want,
      tomorrow, we can simply walk away if you want,
      but be here, at peace here tonight.

      I don't wanna lose you, you're my very best,
      and that is no secret at all,
      but if you are leaving,
      please don't start my grieving,
      I want one more evening alone.

      So rest here and let's clear our hearts,
      We don't have to let next year start.
      Tomorrow, you may finally leave me behind,
      but tomorrow's gonna happen in it's own time,
      so let tomorrow be tomorrow and maybe we'll find,
      that tomorrow doesn't have to mean a thing tonight.

  • I Love You More

    • I love you more today,
      I love you for every way that you smile at my soul,
      I become whole.

      I love the things you say,
      I love your poetry playing so close to my skin,
      now I can begin.

      I love whenever we touch,
      I love the feeling so much that I lose all control,
      still, I am whole.

      I love to hold your hand,
      feeling your pulse as we alternate love where we stand,
      I love your hand.

      Life isn't always kind,
      you've got a lot on your mind and your heart is sore,
      I love you more...

      Don't you remember the way we began?
      Don't you remember that we have always lived above it all,
      and even with our backs against the wall,
      we always seemed to celebrate the fall,
      but now you don't want to go on?

      I love the woman you are,
      shining inside you, a heart beating quietly still,
      love you I will.

      Life isn't always kind,
      you've got a lot on your mind and your heart is sore,
      I love you more...

  • Hide Away

    • I could run away, I could hide.
      I'd be forever safe inside.

      I would never speak outside my mind,
      I would never tell a lie.

      Just imagine me all by myself,
      I know I'd be just fine.

      Without another word, I could say everything,
      for I would only use my heart.

      And you would always know exactly how I feel,
      and we would never grow apart.

      If you could only see without your eyes,
      we'd have eternity in time.

      And with silence everywhere,
      a quiet reckoning would very easily unwind.

      But I will never be this close with anyone,
      if I just run away and hide...

  • Almost Love

    • When I first saw you, I thought you were pretty,
      with eyes that just lifted my day.
      I said, "hello, how are you?" and you looked at me funny,
      waiting just to hear what I'd say.
      Nothing came out and so I walked away...

      When I first saw you, it felt so familiar,
      calm and so desperately pure.
      All of my life, I've been waiting for someone,
      who's more than just a girl I adore.
      You were inviting, but I wasn't sure.

      All of my thoughts are just feelings,
      on their way out of my heart.
      My heart is on its way out of its mind.

      When I first saw you, I thought you were charming,
      living with passion so free.
      Why do I always take so long to notice,
      something so easy to see?
      I simply couldn't and you wouldn't stay here with me.

      How you you love without knowing
      if every last feeling is real?
      I can feel everything growing inside.

      And it's love or it's almost love,
      if you can be certain of your heart,
      but so much depends on how you connect with what you
      can't expect it to be.

      And I love or I almost love,
      and this is the reason that I live,
      and it's only worth the pain of discovery,
      if it uncovers me too.

      I miss the feeling of our lips together,
      when nothing else mattered at all.
      I wanna cover myself with your smile
      and lose every sense of my soul.
      I'm not afraid to be out of control.

      Now I can feel you consuming me gently,
      a river is rising in me.
      Nothing compares to this frightening sensation.

      My heart's a nation underground,
      I am a king without a crown.
      I kinda feel thre is no doubt;
      I think I wanna yell it out.
      No matter what I try to do,
      I think I am in love with you, but I don't know...

  • Somebody In Love

    • I'm in a big mess, I haven't a clue;
      ain't got the time, I can't spare a dime, I don't know what to do.
      I don't know who to call, can't seem to get friends,
      I'm losin' my mind and I don't know why my anxiety won't end.

      I gotta get through this unique situation.
      I gotta get through to somebody in love.

      I was doin fine, figured it all out.
      Had lots of money I was so funny - gigilo, no doubt.
      I was in control, never had a miss.
      Ladies would call me, nothin' could stall me from gettin' that kiss.

      I gotta get through this unique situation.
      I gotta get through to somebody in love.

      You never looked in my direction.
      How could I know my life would change?
      You grabbed my soul with your perfection.
      Now my world is yours to rearrange.

      I gotta sit down and think all of this through,
      How did I get here? Who did I bet here? Where is my IQ?
      I need a strong hand, I need some advice.
      Don't want affection, I need correction, maybe some fresh eyes.

      I gotta get through this unique situation.
      I gotta get through to somebody in love.

      I used to sleep with one eye open.
      Always had my one foot out the door.
      I thought my heart could not be broken.
      Now I know just what it's beatin' for...

      I gotta find my love, I gotta track her down.
      She looked at me once and for nearly two months I've been actin' like a clown.
      I'm happy then I cry, I'm miserable too.
      I wish that I had someone feeling as bad who could tell me what to do.

      I gotta get through this unique situation.
      I gotta get through to somebody in love.

  • I Wanna Know *

    • I wanna know what you’re feeling tonight,
      I wanna know that I can make it an all right,
      I wanna know just how much it will take,
      and I wanna know you before it’s too late.
      Oh, I wanna know, I wanna know.

      I wanna know what you’re doing tonight,
      I wanna know that I can be by your side.
      I wanna know just how much is at stake,
      and I wanna know before my heart can break.
      Oh, I wanna know, I wanna know.

      How are we supposed to ever really figure it out,
      I mean figure it out?
      Now it seems impossible to go on living without,
      I mean living without all the pain and the sorrow,
      I will love you tomorrow; this doesn’t mean I want to go.

      I wanna know every place in your mind,
      give you the space to let me stand behind
      I wanna ease all your troubles away,
      and I wanna know that you’re going to stay,
      oh, I wanna know, I wanna know.

      Why do all the little things become what it’s all about?
      That’s not what it’s all about,
      I try to see the other side, but now I just wanna shout,
      I mean I just wanna shout,
      and my heart keeps on breaking,
      from all that it’s taking for me to learn how to let go…

      I wanna know why you love me at all,
      every shortcoming and every last flaw.
      I wanna know how to make you feel safe,
      and I wanna grow with you until the last day.
      Oh, I wanna know, I wanna know.

  • Last Night, I Found A Melody*

    • I can hear a bell and now I can tell you everything I felt when at first I saw you.
      Now my life is new with each sound I’m hearing.
      I can write too and I feel like singing.

      I found a melody last night.
      The notes that came to me seemed to fit just right.
      And then the harmony was tight,
      last night, I found a melody.

      The lyrics weren’t far behind.
      They told a simple story of a love that’s kind.
      Now love will make you lose your mind.
      Last night, I found a melody.

      I’ll sing this song from dusk till dawn, reminding me of when we met.
      My life became richer when I’ll filled up my pitcher with all of you.

      And now we’re livin’ splendidly.
      I wake up every morning feeling warm and free,
      because you fell in love with me,
      last night, I found a melody.

      That night, I found my melody.

  • As Long As I'm With You

    • I have never been so happy as when I'm with you.
      I get lots of funny feelings and my dreams true.
      When you're in my arms, there is no way I could be blue.
      It doesn't matter where I am as long as I'm with you.

      Do you know that you are the most wonderful of all?
      Does it even matter when you see a fella fall?
      When our lips are kissing, I feel anything, but small.
      It doesn't matter where we kiss, if I am kissing you.

      I'm in love and like no other.
      Grey skies above can't block my way.
      I can't believe I get to love her.
      Now I can see that my happiness won't end today.

      If you can imagine when a flower starts to grow,
      or when suddenly a butterfliy begins to show;
      The best was yet to come, but how it came, I do not know;
      It doesn't matter where I am as long as I'm with you.

  • If I Knew Better

    • Isn't the sky just as beautiful as you and would be if only we could fall in love?
      Isn't the rain just as painful as today will be when we become a fading memory?
      And I wish that we could fall in love,
      oh I wish that I could fall in love.

      Naturally, what I'm feeling is uncertainty, it's hurtin' me too,
      I only want your smile.
      Why is it so, that no matter if I stay or go, I'm losin'?
      Can't get used to your goodbye.
      And I wish that we could fall in love.
      Oh I wish that I could fall in love.

      And if I knew better, then you would not feel regret or even know my name,
      cause it would be the same as if you had never met me,
      then you wouldn't have ever let me say goodbye,
      and this why I wanna fall in love.

      Isn't it time to remember that I'm only hurting you with all the words I do not say?
      You were the girl with a smile that could rule the world and then I made it all but disappear.
      And I wish that we could fall in love,
      oh I wish that I could fall in love.

  • It Won't Be Long*

    • I’m feeling a large emotion from way down low.
      I’m feeling a sweet devotion about to grow.
      I’m seeing much clearer now and I am hearing all my songs.
      Now I may not know much, but it won’t be long.

      I’m startin’ to get excited, I can’t be still.
      I think I’m gonna be delighted, I know you will.
      Love’s gettin’ much closer to me, gonna consume me like this song.
      Now it may be your touch, but it won’t be long.

      I used to be afraid of lettin’ you love me but now I’m settin’ myself free today.
      I can’t believe that all I had to do was see you put your heart upon your sleeve and let go,
      and now I know…

      I’m lovin’ each new sensation inside of me,
      I’m fillin’ with anticipation of ecstasy.
      My heart is beating like no other man, I feel like Tarzan or King Kong.
      Now it may be your kiss, but it won’t be long.

      When I met you, I didn’t know just what to do, I simply couldn’t follow through that way.
      But love’s come to me and I’m surprised how easily I just might get down on one knee and say,
      "why not today?"

      My head is high, my worry low,
      I’ve said goodbye to all I know.
      I want to fly, I need to show,
      my heart’s alive and livin’ slow…

      I’m almost climbin’ out of my skin,
      I don’t know where to begin, I’m lost.
      I’m certain that I don’t understand all this emotional land I’ve crossed.
      Like a crooked picture on the wall, I know I’m going to fall to you.
      I’ve been waitin’ for this and it won’t be long.

  • What If*

    • What if I said hello?
      Would we just talk or would silence progressively grow?

      And what if made you smile?
      Could we pretend to relax and be friends for a while?

      But I don’t know who you are and that frightens me so.
      Oh my mind is a whirl.
      Who’s this girl?
      I can never know who you are.

      But what if I made you laugh?
      Then maybe we could suspend all this tension at last?
      And what if we shared a glance?
      Would that mean we could be free to live out our romance?

  • Let's Be Foolish Together

    • Let’s be foolish together.
      Let’s go out in the weather.
      Let’s go walkin’ forever just you and me.

      Let’s see what we uncover.
      Let’s both try to discover just what kind of a lover we both can be.
      If we can agree to let each other see the fool that is locked inside of you and me,
      let’s be foolish together, baby tonight.

      Let’s be wondrous together.
      Let’s be thunderous whenever.
      Take my love dear and never let me go.

      I just want you beside me.
      I just need you to guide me,
      Show me all that’s inside me, I need to know.
      You’ve got me excited and I’m too delighted to settle down, you’ve turned my world around.
      Let’s be foolish together, baby tonight.

      Do you believe this is real?
      Are you afraid of what your feelings may reveal?

      Let’s be foolish together, not so coolish or clever.
      I feel light as a feather that’s flying free.
      Let’s jump higher than ever.
      Let’s make fire together or just lie here forever so happily.

      We don’t have to plan or even understand how lucky we are, let’s hop into the car and be foolish together, baby tonight.

  • As Long As I Am Falling In Love*

    • I walk with a smile on my face.
      I’m walkin’ all over the place.
      I feel like there’s nothing that can bother me at all.

      I whisper hello to a girl; she offers to give it a whirl.
      Holdin’ hands we stroll along the way.
      Say, I like how I feel, as long as I am falling in love.

      I put in a long day at work and I can feel everything hurt,
      when suddenly there’s a pair of eyes lookin’ at me.
      And even before I can think, she offers to buy me a drink.
      Oh how beautiful a laugh can be.
      See, I like how I feel, as long as I am falling in love.

      I don’t mind the “after” words, when lovers get much closer.
      As long as I keep falling down with no weight on my shoulders.

      I love when my happiness soars and destiny opens the doors.
      My world is completely filled with possibilities.

      For even a brush past my skin and I can feel something within, quivering, delivering a sigh.
      Oh my, I like how I feel, as long as I am falling in love.

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